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    Texas Drug Law: What Are the Types of Controlled Substances?

    Contents IV. AMNESTY/GOOD SAMARITAN POLICY Schedule 1 Drugs Synthetic Cannabinoids (“K2”/“Spice”) The Controlled Substances Act Schedule 3 Drugs Drugs included in this category are said to have a high potential for abuse, lack currently accepted medical treatment value, and lack an accepted safety use. Texas laws on illegal drugs can be extremely strict, as provided […] More

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    Sober Living Homes in Ohio Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

    Content multiple resources to help you live a recovered life Sober Housing, Federal Retrenchment of Support for AOD Programs and State Prison-Building ATTIC CORRECTIONAL SERVICES, INC. Sober Living Policy and Guidelines Are you readyfor a better life? Many sober living homes in Los Angeles offer some or all of these services and require residents to […] More